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Crazy Month!!

With school, friends, family, and Confirmation, September's definitely proving to be one of the more challenging months. School's been great and I don't have much homework for the weekend. BUT, there's stuff to do for the week like essays, tests and projects. That's where time management comes in! I'm always telling myself, yup I talk to myself, that I can do it, to always try hard and stay positive!

Anyhoo, I'm planning on going to the Serra game, but that's borderline for sure...Go Padres, woo.

Well, fashion is making a 180 this year isn't it? A whole new silhouette, grunge is coming back as well as the dreaded 80's. Gemma Ward is trying to act and Lily Cole is leaving for school (Cambridge, I believe). Kate Moss is back with her loser boyfriend who tried to give drugs to someone in rehab...Karl Lagerfeld is still as amazing as ever...Anglomania is taking the world by storm...What else is to come? We'll just have to wait and see.
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