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Lent, Father/Daughter, Computer, TurboTax...

Last Wednesday was Ash Wednesday, and for most teenage Catholics (myself included), this day means getting some ashes on your forehead (and yes, I do know their significance), and the start of Lent.  Ahh Lent.  You are probably the most rejuvnating part of the Catholic year.  Why?  Because you teach the people to take control of their lives and show some self-control!  For me, my "pledge" is not to give attitude to my parents.  It'll definitely be tough, but I'm up for the challenge...

The Father/Daughter dance was pretty fun too.  I wore a blue-green bamboo print jersey dress with black opaque tights and white flats (it looks a lot better than it sounds).  My dad and I danced the night away to everything from Justin Timberlake to the Village People to Gloria Estefan.  I had a great time, and even had a fruit kebob eating contest with my friend, don't ask.

And, we got a new computer, a Gateway to be exact with Windows Vista.  My dad was getting pretty mad at it this morning because he couldn't get the printserver to work, but now it's all good.  Anyhoo, I'll be seeing you all later because I need to finish my homework!
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