letsfindnemo (letsfindnemo) wrote,

Summer...why must it end?

Man.  Summer is almost over.  That means school is coming (Junior year, AH!!  AP Classes, SATs, Honors 3 Spanish...why?!?).  Oh well, I'm pretty bored at home, so I guess school will be good for me, helping me get out of my boredome rut. 

I really need to do some excercise because I feel like a big, lazy slob.  So, I guess I'm gonna do the lacrosse camp at my school.  It's only for a couple days and I'll feel better for it (I'll also look slim and trim for my school photos...yay!)But, I'm pretty bummed out because a lot of my friends are transferring to other schools....

Oh well.  That's life.

Summer reading: almost done.  That's right, I'm almost done.  

I'm currently searching for some really great street fashions to be inspired by, because I find myself conforming to other people's style and I have to learn how to "break free". (Man, that sounds really cheesy.)  Speaking of cheese, I'm reading this great book about American food called "Two for the Road".  I can't pull out the author's name right now, but I'll tell you them later.  It's a fun, quick and easy read with recipes included in the book.  Yes, you read right, there are recipes in the book.  And no, I don't know how to cook.

I just saw on fashionologie the editorial where Snejana (one of my favorites) posed as Anna Wintour.  Genious!  Definitely one of my favorites this season (along with the Simpsons and Linda Evangelista).

Well, just wanted to check in...so yeah.

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