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Please...just shut up. [21 Nov 2007|09:12pm]
Dad, stop playing the damn piano.  I'm trying to write a fucking essay.  Thanks.
Lola, stop breathing like your fucking Darth Vader.  It's really annoying, and I want to punch you.  Thanks.
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Summer...why must it end? [25 Jul 2007|12:53pm]

Man.  Summer is almost over.  That means school is coming (Junior year, AH!!  AP Classes, SATs, Honors 3 Spanish...why?!?).  Oh well, I'm pretty bored at home, so I guess school will be good for me, helping me get out of my boredome rut. 

I really need to do some excercise because I feel like a big, lazy slob.  So, I guess I'm gonna do the lacrosse camp at my school.  It's only for a couple days and I'll feel better for it (I'll also look slim and trim for my school photos...yay!)But, I'm pretty bummed out because a lot of my friends are transferring to other schools....

Oh well.  That's life.

Summer reading: almost done.  That's right, I'm almost done.  

I'm currently searching for some really great street fashions to be inspired by, because I find myself conforming to other people's style and I have to learn how to "break free". (Man, that sounds really cheesy.)  Speaking of cheese, I'm reading this great book about American food called "Two for the Road".  I can't pull out the author's name right now, but I'll tell you them later.  It's a fun, quick and easy read with recipes included in the book.  Yes, you read right, there are recipes in the book.  And no, I don't know how to cook.

I just saw on fashionologie the editorial where Snejana (one of my favorites) posed as Anna Wintour.  Genious!  Definitely one of my favorites this season (along with the Simpsons and Linda Evangelista).

Well, just wanted to check in...so yeah.

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Virginia Tech [16 Apr 2007|04:36pm]
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Lent, Father/Daughter, Computer, TurboTax... [24 Feb 2007|08:55pm]
Last Wednesday was Ash Wednesday, and for most teenage Catholics (myself included), this day means getting some ashes on your forehead (and yes, I do know their significance), and the start of Lent.  Ahh Lent.  You are probably the most rejuvnating part of the Catholic year.  Why?  Because you teach the people to take control of their lives and show some self-control!  For me, my "pledge" is not to give attitude to my parents.  It'll definitely be tough, but I'm up for the challenge...

The Father/Daughter dance was pretty fun too.  I wore a blue-green bamboo print jersey dress with black opaque tights and white flats (it looks a lot better than it sounds).  My dad and I danced the night away to everything from Justin Timberlake to the Village People to Gloria Estefan.  I had a great time, and even had a fruit kebob eating contest with my friend, don't ask.

And, we got a new computer, a Gateway to be exact with Windows Vista.  My dad was getting pretty mad at it this morning because he couldn't get the printserver to work, but now it's all good.  Anyhoo, I'll be seeing you all later because I need to finish my homework!
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So pretty much... [17 Dec 2006|05:04pm]
Like the new icon?  Made it myself (thanks to edit_orials for the pictures!).  Gemma is gorgeous.

Yay!  I'm on winter break!  Finally, I can just relax and not have to worry about school.  So the only thing on my mind will probably bejust about how many calories I'll be consuming because of my boredom at home.  I guess that's the price you pay for freedom.  But I need to start writing a script for Espanol because, I just need to.

So, last night I went to a Church Christmas party which was...okay.  Nothing really exciting happened, but there was good food (lumpia and Costco dinner rolls) and I talked to my friends (who are a little younger than me) about preteen/kids-just- starting-to-hit-puberty gossip.  But I wore a pretty cute outfit, and that was an upside.  It consisted of a dark yellow, darker than mustard, blouse with an Old Navy violet tank underneath, a purple and white polka-dot sweater (it looks better than it sounds, trust me), and some knickers (long shorts, not underwear) from Forever 21 (gasp!  Forever 21!  So some people look down on it, so what if it's a little bit for the "poser"!  Aren't we all posers on the outside, anyway?).  Underneath my shorts I wore black tights, and for my shoes I wore black flats by Alfani.  They have a silver lining to them which I think makes them appear a tad bit more sophisticated than your average flat.

Anyhoo, I'm feeling a tad bit sick and my voice gave out yesterday, so I'm basically just giving everyone that I know the silent treatment.  It's not that I don't like them or anything (or don't I?  Just kidding), I just can't talk and whatever voice I have left, I really want to save for  the Holidays.

It's really cold here!  By Northern California standards, at least.  Morning temperatures are in the 30's and highs reach the 50's and it's raining and windy and just not fun.  I feel really bad for those who don't have anywhere to go during this season and it makes me feel extremely lucky .

Also, I need to buy my presents for my Kris Kringle, Kimi.  It's not like I have no idea what I'm getting her, it's just that I need to put my plan into action.  (I also want to buy the $88 camera at Target!)

So yeah, this was a pretty long entry and I'll see ya'll soon!  Bye!
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Crazy Month!! [08 Sep 2006|09:30pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

With school, friends, family, and Confirmation, September's definitely proving to be one of the more challenging months. School's been great and I don't have much homework for the weekend. BUT, there's stuff to do for the week like essays, tests and projects. That's where time management comes in! I'm always telling myself, yup I talk to myself, that I can do it, to always try hard and stay positive!

Anyhoo, I'm planning on going to the Serra game, but that's borderline for sure...Go Padres, woo.

Well, fashion is making a 180 this year isn't it? A whole new silhouette, grunge is coming back as well as the dreaded 80's. Gemma Ward is trying to act and Lily Cole is leaving for school (Cambridge, I believe). Kate Moss is back with her loser boyfriend who tried to give drugs to someone in rehab...Karl Lagerfeld is still as amazing as ever...Anglomania is taking the world by storm...What else is to come? We'll just have to wait and see.

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Well, I've decided... [28 Aug 2006|06:54pm]
[ mood | calm ]

It's going to be a fashion blog, but I'll post links to my favorite blogs and their stories and sprinkle in my ideas and things going on...

First up: The Dress...

I'm really liking the shift dress with it's simplicity and always-chic/Mia Farrow appeal. But don't take it too far by layering it with both a long-sleeved and short-sleeved shirt, leggings, wool socks and stacked heels. That's just taking it a bit too far if you catch my drift.

Next: Volume...

Flipping through my Nordstrom's catalogue and Teen Vogue, volume seems to be the new thing. But a disclaimer: TRY IT ON FIRST! Not everyone was born with a model's figure, so that bubble skirt you saw in Harper's Bazaar may look fabulous on Gisele, but that's Gisele. Also, don't drag yourself down with too much weight on you.

And lastly: The Giant Tote...

I know, I know, they've just been getting bigger and bigger. While I too have been sucked into the crazy world of hobos, bigger is not necessarily better. Don't go too big, you don't want your handbag to be mistaken for a piece of luggage.

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My hopes for this blog... [26 Aug 2006|09:09pm]
I'm deciding on whether or not I should make this a fashion/entertainment blog and sprinkle it in with a little of my opinion...you'll just have to wait and see!
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Woo. I have a LJ. [26 Aug 2006|02:57pm]
Being a bit too cool for MySpace, I have decided to put my trust and allegiance into LiveJournal. I've seen some pretty sweet stuff from this place and am alrady a reader of some blogs. Being a CA native I love the sun and outdoors. Travelling is something that I plan on doing very soon and just want to be happy. "See you on the other side" -Cat Deeley, So You Think You Can Dance (Doesn't that sound like she thinks we're all going to die? Oh well, I love her anyway)
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